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Thursday, December 15, 2005

This morning I finished hand sewing the binding on True's quilt . That is another one done! It turned out pretty nice but technically I still have a ways to go. Sewing the border in long straight seams distorted the corners a little bit so that they are not quite sqare any more. The quilting in the center of the quilt is my best yet though so I am pretty happy.

This is the back. The sewing is done with red thread in the bobbin for all of the quilt. The top has red thread in the middle and blue in the needle for the border. I thoguht the border was busy enough without adding red to it.

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Anonymous said...

If I keep commneting on every quilt I'll overwhelm you with my comments. :-) But I'm so impressed with your work and eye. The quilting on this one just "finished" the quilt off so beautifully!