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Friday, December 16, 2005

Still no black dye to finish Cherie's quilt so on to Louisa's. I had great fun making these blocks from online, a source of hundreds of neat free blocks. This is the second one I've used.
I will probably not make more blocks than this. They are large -18 inches square - so if I put on a fairly wide border it will be big enough. I had planned to make all the blocks orange but didn't think I had enough fabric so added the green. Now I quite like it with the green.
Of course I still have the usual problem of what color to make the border and how to quilt it. I think the border wil be quite plain because the centre is so busy. In the photo I have the brown like in the trellis but may go for yellow, orange or green.

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Sandy Debreuil said...

Christine may be stealing that quilt, better deliver it direct to Louisa! Pretty nice work...