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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Today I machine quilted the center of True's quilt. I is incredible how much faster it is to do a small one. Besides there being so much less area, it is much easier to handle and not so heavy.
I had planned on doing several parallel lines around the outside border about 2 inches apart but now, as usual, I am second guessing myself. I will probably go with the lines but I keep thinking it would be cool to quilt around the suns and moons of the fabric. Not sure how that would look though. I will try a sample for sure before doing it on the actual quilt.

The border fabric is quite busy so I'm not sure that the quilting thread should be red in that area as it is in the center. Maybe blue on top and red on the bottom.

And here is the back. It doesn't show up that well on the photo that the quilting thread is red. Looks nice on the quilt though. The binding will probably be red too.

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