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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I ended up with dark brown dye but no black yesterday. I thought it would look fine but decided that the backing really should be black. Now I have to wait until I go back to town for black dye.
Meanwhile I have been working more on True's quilt. I made a few red blocks but opted to go with red piping on the inner border instead. Have to get some piping now but that is not urgent. I have the blocks sewn together now but not all the rows. The outside border will be fairly wide and match the inner squares. The back will be either the gold or large patches of blue and gold. I am not sure that I have enough fabric to do it all in one color. I am debating on red quilting thread to match the piping. That will put a lot of pressure on me to do a perfet job! The one in the magazine had wavy lines of quilting in the middle of the squares.

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