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Sunday, December 18, 2005

I got Louisa's quilt pieced together today. It was surprisingly difficult to match the triangle pieces to the rectangles on the borders around the orange and green squares. Some of them fit perfectly and some I had to rip out several times and even then they didn't fit exactly.

This afternoon I dyed a large piece orange for the backing and I was planning to use it as a wide border too. When I pinned them up on the design wall the orange border seemed to suck the color out of the orange in the squares. I don't have enough of either the main orange or green to do a border and I can't imagine that a wide white border would work either. Maybe the gold that is in the middle of the trellis. I do have enough of that. I may try a wide border of that and a narrower one of orange. It's surprising that often what you think will look great doesn't and vice versa. So tomorrow I have to solve the border question. Any ideas?


Sandy Debreuil said...

Christine likes the gold idea, although she prefers the green. You could go black, and make it look like halloween. I kind of like the orange, you can never have enough orange with Louisa...

Summer Debreuil said...

i like your blog. cant wait until my quilt