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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Stencils Done

This morning I finished the stencils on this quilt and I like it much better now. I had planned to quilt around each star with silver thread and meander between them. Now I'm not so sure. I like the subtle look. Should I meander among the stars with navy or silver? Or still go around each star? And what about the hand dyed blocks? I think they would look good with a silver many decisions. It will hang on the design wall for a few days while I make up my mind and maybe try a little practise piece.


Vicki W said...

Love it! I'd meander in navy or a metallic dark blue. But I would test the silver to see how it looks.

Myra said...

The stenciling looks absolutely wonderful Joyce! Really adds a lot of interest to the piece!!!
I am sure you will come up with what is needed in the way of quilting!!! 8-)

Anonymous said...

The silver might detract from the stencils. Whatever you do, it's a lovely quilt!