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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ariana's quilt is ready for the binding and I will probably start that this afternoon.
While I was browsing through some magazines looking for ideas for Micha's quilt I spied this wall hanging called Java Jitters. I couldn't resist trying one of the cups and before I knew it I had them all done. The checkerboard takes a lot of time so it may have to wait until Micha's is done before I finish them. I may put a small white border instead of the green and use the green for the wider outside border. I haven't tried it to see how it will look yet.
Meanwhile I have decided to do a sampler type quilt with the stars from Alex Anderson's book called Simply Stars for Micha's quilt. I want to try all the different kinds of stars so it seems like a good opportunity to do a sampler. I think it will be in the same pastels as Summer and Ariana's with the pink border. That's still open to debate though.
No pictue af Ariana's quilt today because the camera ran out of battery after the one picture of Java Jitters. Hopefully there will be one of the finished product tomorrow.

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