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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yesterday I finished piecing Java Jitters (sorry Micha) and it is all ready to quilt. Now I will definitely put it aside until I have finished Micha's quilt. I really got into doing the wonky letters so I decided to try some for Micha's quilt to go along with the stars. I am not satisfied with all of them. I think I will re-do the A (too slanted on the left side) and the I (too tall) and maybe use stronger colors for those two. Then my problem will be how to integrate all those different stars to make it look like a whole instead of a lot of pieces that don't belong together. Maybe I'll put her name in the middle and make a lot of borders around it. Not sure yet. I have a lot more stars to try out first. Maybe more like the big orange and yellow one in the middle would be nice. It is quite challenging to make but looks nice when it's done.


Robin Debreuil said...

wow, nice java jitters one - hope that is the coffee and not the language : )

joyce said...

Lol! I never thought of the computer language, only the coffee.

Askinstoo said...
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cher said...

love the java jitters- the wonky letters are great!
tonya sent me :-)