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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today I only got the pink border put on Micha's quilt. Now I have to decide whether to piece the back because the blue piece and the pink one that I dyed are both about a foot too short, or perhaps dye another piece and use the rest of the pink for something else.
It turned out quite a lot bigger than I thought it would be but I'm sure Micha won't mind that. Hers is the biggest of all the kid's ones I've done. I guess the youngest gets the biggest. I told her that being last was not a bad thing. All that practise.
Now I have to decide how to quilt it. It will be quite plain because of the size. Maybe a simple grid. The problem is that none of the squares on the letters are even remotely the same size. Maybe I should just draw something on the backing or make a grid on it and not pay any attention to the front.


Tonya R said...

A lot of the antique quilts are done in a pattern that has no relation to the piecing. Lots of cross-hatching and fans. Congrats on getting it all together - lucky Micha.

Sandy Debreuil said...

i love my qwilt it is amazing i can't belive it is myn well i love it it went so fast the last time i cecked it it was like not close to be done
well thank you verey much:)it proble was a lot of mony$ well not relly because the stuff would be from other ones

and ones again thank you soooo much

love micha

dirtylittleslurry said...

i love this quilt mum, i love the randomness better than the pattern ones in someway - sorta more free and creative, it looks alot more personal, i guess, than just following someone else's instructions... kinda like comparing free style dancing to the waltz!!
i love it - since the youngest gets the biggest, reve has rejoined the queue!!

joyce said...

I am thinking of Reve. However, I am thinking of doing more wall hangings like Java Jitters. They are smaller so it's easier to get creative and free especially with the quilting part. Stay tuned for your turn to come around again!