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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I sewed Micha's letters together but haven't decided on the sashing to go between them. I have made a couple more kinds of stars. I tried to paper piece a very complex one but got the colors all mixed up. It was a sort of Mariner's Compass. It just made me realize once again that I don't really like paper piecing as well as rotary cutting and machine piecing, the more short cuts the better!
The big orange and yellow star at the bottom may have to go. It doesn't really match much of anything unless I make some more smaller ones in those colors. So far I have always made quilts from a pattern with a finished result in mind before I start. This is quite a new experience. The design challenge is fun as long as you realize that lots of pieces may have to be put away for later use as they just don't fit in. I am learning a lot about making stars though and hopefully they will eventually all combine into a coherent quilt top.


Summer Debreuil said...

Wow! that quilt is really cute. i love the purple stars in the top corners. something like that at the bottom would be nice too. micha must be excited to get it! it looks great!

P.S. i have a spot ready for my quilt, can't wait to get it

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