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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I have been working on the letters for the center of Micha's quilt. I just love doing those wonky letters. I did the P in super three times and I am still not quite statisfied with it. It seems a bit too big. The R's always seem to turn out very big too. I may also re-do the A in star. Now I have to make a bunch more stars of different sizes and types. Then the challenge will to be how to integrate them all into a cohesive look. I am not sure about the dark border around the center letters either. I will know better when I have done more stars and some fancy borders.

It is a messy task. I think I will have to clean up before moving on to the next stage!

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Tonya R said...

Hi, J, I was surfing around and found your blog today. I LOVE your Java Jitters quilt. Very fun.

Personally, I like the lop-sided A and the big P and R. They add character.