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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Here is Java Jitters all finished and hung on the wall. I think if I had used two strings it might have hung a bit straighter. It needs to be flattened out a bit maybe. It's my first wall hanging so I'm not sure what to do to make it look flatter.
Meanwhile I made a big mistake on Micha's quilt. I Pinned the backing and batting on and did a few rows of quilting. Then I was going to go to the house for a coffee break so I put it upside down on the table so I could sew in the ends when I came back to the studio. Imagine my horror when I realized that I had put the backing wrong way up when I pinned them together. There was a white serged seam in the middle of my pink backing. I decided that I would hand sew on a sashing strip rather than take it all apart. The fabric is hand dyed so it looks the same on both sides. I felt that there would be less damage on the front doing it that way rather than trying to remove the quilting stitches.
So... more hand sewing. I am pretty sick of it even after a small wall hanging. I'll work on it tomorrow. Tonight a movie if I can get the TV away from the hockey game!


Sharon said...

Well, at first I was going to tell you that you paid as much for the back side of the fabric as the front, but then I saw that you had a serged line showing.....hmmm, the sashing on top of that seems to be just the ticket!

I don't understand what you mean about two "strings" when you talk about making the quilt hang straigher? But I do so love those Jitters!

joyce said...

I fastened a string to one end of the stick that is through the sleeve on the back and then tied it to the other end. It hangs from one nail. But if I put a string at each end of the stick and two nails it wouldn't be sort of scrunched up at each end near where the stick comes out. I saw on some blog that they used a flat rectangle of aluminum or plastic wiht a hole in each end so it would lay flat on the wall. I am probably giving it away anyhow so not my problem. Lol.

Tonya R said...

You can "block" the quilt to get it to lay flatter. Wash the quilt the way you normally would, but dry flat on towels.