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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here is another bag from the purse book. I was inspired to try it without the pocket. Now that I have made a pattern and the first one seems to be the right size, I want to try one with the pocket. I am a bit puzzled about how I will insert the zipper but I think the pocket would go on the outside and the zipper would fit between the top and the bottom. Then the lining would be sewn in later. I need to think about it a bit more.

This one was inspired by the bag from the other post that was cream colored with blue floral handles and bottom. It doesn't look anything like that one but I kind of like it anyway. The white is some linen that I found at the thrift shop. I wouldn't want to try to keep this one clean!


Lonely Paul said...


Myra said...

Joyce the bag lady strikes again! 8-)
The book doesn't have patterns in it? I thought that was what it was, a book of bag patterns... hmmm...
You are indeed a busy lady! Always producing something creative! 8-)
Have a good weekend!
Happy stitchings!

Quilt Pixie said...

I remember having the bright idea to line a small bag I made with white -- a great learning curve ensued immediately upon use :-)

Darcie said...

Looks like your book is not even close to making it onto the coffee table like I had first thought! lol A great addition to your "library" of ideas and works! Enjoy!

em's scrapbag said...

The bags are darling. I can't wait to see what other bags you come up with out of that book. Have a great day!

Ali Honey said...

Yes, did it again!

Perhaps you could give us a few instructions , sizes etc for the top one, you made. ( I'm not quite sure I can see how you did the base? )

The very top one looks a bit tricky....are you going to try that one when you've figured it out? ( bet you do )