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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I have done a couple more chickens. Next I want to do some that are more colorful and I need a rooster.

This one I made to use the head that didn't fit on the body I made for it. I want to put a nest under it but don't have a fabric that suits me. The one I have in the photo is the same as the head and too close in color to the body. I should have used a lighter background so the chicken would stand out more but my rationale is that when nesting chickens don't want to stand out.

This one is a bit large in comparison to the rest of them so she may have to wait for another quilt. Also I don't like the shape of the breast. It is too straight so I may cut it apart and change that line.

Here is the flock so far.

Thanks for all the encouragement and especially the puns!


Suze said...

I must say that the two on top are my favorites. Such imagination you have. Also glad you have the snow and that it passed us by this year. At least I hope it doesn't show up in April.

Pam said...

Those poor chickens certainly do need a rooster! LOL

They all look great :))

meggie said...

I think my favourites are the top 2 on the left. But they are all fun.

I havent been back to my blocks yet. Too busy yesterday.

Diana said...

I am having such fun watching these chickens emerge from scraps of fabric. Pam is right, is there a rooster coming along sometime soon?

Libby said...

I think I like 'ole Blue' the best. They just look great

Clare said...

Damn and blast it - Blogger is playing silly wotsit's today. I have tried to say I think the hen in the first photo looks broody. Is she going to produce any chickens? The hen in the second photo looks roster'ish. They are all lovely.

Tonya R said...

p.s. I love the different sizes of blocks. I don't think flat-chest's block is too big at all. Keep her with her sisters!

Lily said...

Eggsemplary work there Joyce. Sorry can't help myself!

Yep, the blue one is still my fave :)