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Friday, March 23, 2007

Words Finished

Today I finished the words for my chicken quilt. I also did some more eggs. I appliqued two of them, one by machine and one by hand. The applique eggs look a lot better than the pieced ones. I couldn't get beyond cubist eggs when I was piecing them. Maybe that's all right but I think I like the round ones better. The hand sewn ones look better than the machine ones so I guess there is a bit of hand sewing in my near future.
Now I have to figure out how to put it all together. I like to let it sit on my design wall at this point while I mull over my options.
Thanks for all the encouraging comments on my chickens. When you are free piecing like this you tend to get so tangled up in details that it gets hard to see the whole picture. That rooster almost made me give up, but not quite! All the helpful comments kept me working at it.
I finally got back to working on the quilting of the jungle quilt. I was doing motifs around the snakes. I had one more to go when I ran out of thread. Now I have to wait until I go to town again to get more. That was a bit frustrating because I was on a roll and would have finished the binding and all if I'd had enough thread. I even remembered to sew on the label before I finished the quilting. That's a first. I always plan to but then forget.


meggie said...

Your words look really good. How interesting the process has been, & now will we get to share the piecing?
I am at stalemate with all my sewing due to the oppressive humidity.
I am SO ready for some cold weather.

quiltpixie said...

maybe you can find some straw-like fabric for around your chickens, or put them all in a big wonky chicken hutch/house... :-)

Fiona said...

Looking good, I like to follow the progress you make, post by post, it's interesting to see how ideas develop

Dawn said...

I LOVE it!!!! The rooster is the best!

atet said...

I love your chicken coop -- what a fun project. Thanks for sharing the process as well as the product!

Clare said...

I like Quiltpixie's idea of putting them all in a wonky chicken house. Its lovely to watch the quilt develop.

teodo said...

Your chicken quilt is very nice.
I like also your jungle quilt. ciao ciao