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Friday, May 26, 2006

As requested here are a few photos of some of my teapots.
This first one I got at an auction for about $15 because they thought it was a toy set. It has a creamer and sugar bowl and 6 cups and saucers. The most amazing thing is that if you look at the bottom of the cups in the light you can see a Japanese woman's head. The bottom is thicker and thinner porcelain so parts look darker. It's amazing. There is a name for the technique but I forget what it is.

The second one we got in China about three years ago when we went to visit there. We were in Xiamen which is directly across from Taiwan. It is a beautiful city and we loved it there. The set has 6 cups and saucers. I love it because it mixes Chinese and European styles.

This cute little teapot is also from China bought on a previous trip about 14 years ago. I think we bought it in Canton.

The brown one was bougt at the same time as the blue one. It's not quite as nice because the lid doesn't quite match. Still, we loved the handle and the Bamboo sprout that is near the spout.


Lily said...

Just beautiful - I can see why you're inspired to do teapot quilts. I love the chinese pots. I lived in Hong Kong for three months and now regret that I did not buy a teapot I had my eye on.

Sharon said...

Joyce, I love the teapots, and the inspiration to make a quilt of them. That will be wonderful. As to the "sashing" on my last work in progress on my blog - they are really just nine patch variations as blocks in between the pieced blocks. You take the size of the blocks you are working with, and then you can size anything from a mixture of small and large to make up the nine patch. Yet another setting from Sharyn Craig's 7 Great Setting Solutions book.

ForestJane said...

Ohh, I think I like the blue one the best. Makes me want to reach out and feel the glaze. :)

Lucy said...

I think I missed that you are new!!! Welcome In the mavericksring .

And I love your teapots !!!!

Lois R. said...

Thank you!!! I love them! My favorite is the blue one and the brown one is a close second. How interesting the first one sounds, with the woman's head in the bottom of the cups. Is that display cupboard in the background of the blue pic full of teapots too?

A kindred spirit! Mine are all European style, but I love to look at the Asian style ones too! Doesn't tea taste better when made in a beautiful pot?

Now I have to go back to your teapot quilt to see if I recognize any.