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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Help! I need opinions. I am much happier with the new sashing but now I am not sure if I should put the last two teapots on. It seems to look a bit more finished with only the four teapots. Also if I go with only the four, should I change one of the middle ones that are the same with one of the bottom ones that are a different shape? I really like all the teapots and they are all different except the two middle ones. I will sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow. I am really pleased with the way the letters turned out and glad that I thought of "Tempest in a Teapot" instead of "Tea for Two" which was my first idea.
My main regeret is that the teapots ended up all tipping the same way. I thought they were going to be different but somehow it didn't happen. Less of a tempest than a sailing merrily along. Lucky there are always more quilts to make mistakes on.


Lily said...

I think you're right about 4 working better than 6. I wouldn't change the blocks either :)

Love the name of/on the quilt!

Tonya R said...

Oh Joyce it looks incredible. Really and truly wonderful. Yes, this "sashing" is so much better than what you had before. It works so well together.

Yes, I'm also partial to the four teapots too.


Nellie Bass Durand said...

FUN! I like the idea that the teapots are based on those in your collection.

Maureen said...

I certainly endorse your second choice.......the gingham made it too bland