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Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Teapots

Since so many of you seemed interested in my teapots, here are a few more. The cabinet in the background does have some teapots but also lots of pottery. The large ones on the top are by my husband (see my link to Star Center Art) and some are by a friend, Jennifer Hildebrand.
Too bad I included the messy corner with the bag of flour. It was on sale, two for one, and since I bake my own bread I couldn't resist. Just no good place to store it.

The second one is a teapot my husband and children gave me for Mother's Day about 20 years ago. It is getting a bit worse for wear because I use it all the time, but that just makes it more special to me.
The large cream colored one actually belongs to my daughter but she hasn't claimed it yet. I love it because it's large and there are lots of cups to go with it. Useful when there is a lot of company. I believe it comes from Viet Nam.
The last picture is of my white ones. The one on the right came from a thrift shop complete with six cups. Sadly, only four are still intact. It needs a new handle but every time we go to the pottery store where they sell them, I don't have the measurement. They come in many sizes.
The one on the left was a gift at one time.
I especially like the tiny one in front. It has six tiny little cups and a tray. We bought it in China and surprisingly, they are actually used there and are not toys. Each cup holds about one mouthful.
The last time we were in China we visited a tea plantation in Fujian province near where we were staying. That was a very interesting experience and we bought some tea that is so special there that they don't export it. The leaves are all rolled up and when you add water they open up and you see the actual leaves. It is green and tastes completely different from any tea you would get in North America. I'll try to find pictures of the tea farm for a later post.
I will also take a photo of the bottom of the cups with the Japanese woman's head. Unfortunately my camera batteries died just as I was getting ready for that photo. By the way, the little bird looking things with the white teapots are chopstick rests from Japan. They are to put your used chopsticks on so the table won't get dirty.
Stay tuned for more teapots.


cher said...

I love these tea pots-thanks for all the wonderful photos

ForestJane said...

Even after looking at all these, I think I like the style of the blue one with the woven looking top the best.

But I also like the little chopstick rest birds!

Shirley Goodwin said...


I have a teapot thing too! Somewhere in my blog archives (probably at least 2 months ago) are photos of a pattern I'm putting together made from drawings of 4 of them.

Shirley in New Zealand

joyce said...

Shirley, I checked back in your blog and saw your teapots. I love them, especially the modern jazzy looking one. Did you publish a photo of the finished wall hanging? Maybe I should have looked more at later entries.

dirtylittleslurry said...

Do you still have a tea set that was white that I found in Australia that is like the one with the geisha? It was really similar but plain on the outside, not decorative at all. I think it was white with a gold band or something...

joyce said...

We still have it. It is plain white with a gold and there are only 6 cups.
Do you remember what that style of ceramics was called?

Tonya R said...

Fun teapots - I'm glad you actually use them. Gorgeous pottery as well.

Lois R. said...

Joyce, Thanks for showing off your teapots. The Mother's Day pot is my favorite - and that it is well used is the best!

Laura said...

I love the pottery across the top of your hutch!!!

Belém said...

It is niceto see teapots from other origins. My teapots are essencially from Portugal, France and Great Britain. I love the chinese tiny one. I have also two oriental teapots and they are also very tiny but they are not toys.