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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Here is my attempt at wonky houses today. Finally Blogger let me load them. The first one I did is the small blue one with the black roof. The roof is too narrow and I don't like the door but I love the sky and the way the chimney seems to be smoking. Then I did another blue one with a red door which was much better but the sky was not as good. They seemed to be getting bigger as I did them. I also did the letters for HOME but the E wasn't done when I took the picture. I have since then, made several more letters. I decided to scrap those ones and make some that are more the same color. I can't see how I can pull it all together with so much going on. The new ones all have a white backgound and each word has all the letters the same color. I keep getting the letters bigger too for some reason. I might still use these ones but so far I like the others better.
I would like the houses to be a bit more wonky so I may re-do some of them too. They are a lot of fun to make. I love picking out the colors. The last two are in answer to the question, "Can't you put the chimney on straight?" That was what got me to thinking that they should be a bit more wonky.

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Tonya R said...

The houses look great. The sky background is marvelous. I LOVE the flat top orange-roofed house sitting in the field of sunflowers - I have never thought of setting the house into the ground like that. Love the effect - it looks marvelous.

The houses are looking great. It takes a while to get to wonky. I made a lot of pretty normal houses before they started going crazy.

If you want to try and get the houses back to small, then use some narrower strips. For instance, a 1" strip makes a big difference for shrinking houses and letters down. Use whatever you're comfortable with tho - maybe 1.5"?