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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More Nine Patches

Once I had the first row of the extra patches done, I realized that I would have to add two rows to each end to finish the large diamond , otherwise it would look incomplete. The quilt is now longer and narrower than I had planned, but I don't want to put two rows on the side and make it so huge that it is impossible for me to quilt on my regular machine. Some people could probably do it but that is not my favorite thing to do, so I like to make it easy on myself. I also don't want to hand quilt it, so I guess it's a long double bed size, depending on what I do with the binding.
I have assembled the top two rows and sewn them together but I havent added them to the top yet. If you look in the lower left corner you will see why I took a break. One patch is on wrong so I thought, what better time for a coffee break. I will try to finish the piecing later today and then start looking around for something to use as backing. Maybe I will dye something. I had a nice burgundy dye that would match pretty well but I think I have used it all up. I could also make large patches from the left over nine patch fabric. There is not much burgundy left and once I do the borders, there won't be much pink either.
I am quite pleased with the way this one went together. My corners are not perfect but a lot closer than on my very first quilt which was also a nine patch but crib sized. Luckily, Reve, who is two years old, doesn't care about points and corners. I hear he likes his "Blankie" just the way it is.


anne bebbington said...

Looks lovely - reminds me of blackcurrant fool - scrummy mmmmmmm!

Lily said...

Joyce it's looking great. As the gals remind me, it's handmade, so the points don't always have to be perfectly pointy!

So take your son's advice :)

It looks very rich and lovely.

Tonya R said...

That bit in the lower left is your humility block. Adds character to the quilt as do any imperfect corners. Reve has it right.

dirtylittleslurry said...

Reve calls his quilt his "gramma blankie" and he sleeps with it everynight and if it's not on he screams til he gets it...