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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Every year at the quilt show in Morden, a challenge is issued for the next year. At the next show the entries are judged by popularity with the public. This year the challenge is to make a bag. Up until now I have been too chicken to enter, but I love making bags so (thanks Jen) I bought the package of fabric they supply. The first picture doesn't show the brown fabric but I wanted to show how nicely it was packaged. The brown is actually more of a rust color than it seems in the picture and has a mottled look. It's beautiful. The blue has sort of greenish watery stripes in it. Now to find some fabric that matches and some ideas. I have a whole year but that's not always a good thing for me. I do better with immediate goals. I have to be careful not to put it aside and forget about it until it's crisis time next year!

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