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Monday, May 29, 2006

Newest Quilt
Here is the beginning of my newest quilt. The fabric was a gift from a very generous friend. She has had the fabrics for some time and I love the old fashioned look of them. I have enough left over to make another quilt. I think I will add another row to the top and bottom to make it more rectangular.
Now I have a couple of options up for the borders. I could also do a narrow strip of either the dark or light and do a pieced border. I think it's called piano keys. I have to make some more strips for the next two rows so I may try that and see how it looks. It might be too busy.
I love doing nine patches. If they are pressed right they fit together so nicely without much pinning. My kind of quilting!


Nines said...

Of course there's fabric left over- gifts of fabric reproduce when you turn out the lights! So be careful what you let in. I can't say I'd be bothered by this multiplying, though. Very sweet. I think it is a very old fashioned-looking quilt, so I'd like a simple, dark border best, but that's just me. I love 9-patches, too. Clean and graphic- and easy to work with. A great job!

Tonya R said...

Oh I can't believe how quickly you sew. This isn't just a "beginning" it's practically the whole quilt and looking good at that.

I love 9-patches too - one of the best blocks ever.

anne bebbington said...

Joyce - love the colours - nine patches are so effective and the quilt is almost done - I thought I could stitch fast but this is good going - looking really good


Lily said...

The beginning? LOL!!

I have done six of the 12 blocks for my sampler and I know I'm just getting started!

Love the nine-patches. Colour choice is really lovely. It's a very girl-friendly quilt :)

KCQuilter said...

Mmmm...yummy colors. Reminds me of raspberry sherbet.

Sioux said...

This is beautiful!

Judy said...

Welcome to the Mavericks! I was just added a few weeks ago. I went over to the list and you were there! Congrats! I've been watching you teapots grow and loved the java quilt!

This is one of my favorite patterns! I have one working up in all scraps, and you are right...9 patches do fit so snugly together and I love to make the little twirls on the backs too!

ForestJane said...

That is a pretty color, I love the darker wine with the lighter.

I don't think a piano key border would be too busy, especially if they're as thick as the nine patch strips were.

Looking good, though!

Lucy said...

Lovely fabrics and colors. I wait and see what your choice of the borders is