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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I have started a teapot wall hanging. I took pictures of some of my teapots, changed them into line drawings and used that as a pattern. The first one I lined with fusable interfacing and then turned it inside out before machine appliqueing it down. The rest of them I used fusible web and just fused them. Much better option if you want any detail, which I did. The only thing I am not happy with is the sashing. I love the looks of it but it is very flimsy fabric and the lines that form the checks are not on straight. I may take it off and look for something else for the sashing. I was going to put some wonky letters on, maybe saying "Tea Time" but I'm not sure where they would fit. Maybe down one side? I'll see tomorrow.

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Tonya R said...

I love that you drew teapots from your own collection - marvelous. Changing out the fabric cuz it's too flimsy, that I understand. But personally, I love it when the checks aren't all straight. Off-grain livens things up.

I'll tune in eagerly tomorrow to see what you've chosen to do.