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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Here is the Double Wedding Ring on the quilt frame and with two rings quilted.

I had a picture of my houses and wonky letters that I started but Blogger wouldn't load any pictures after the first one so that will be my post for tomororw. I got six houses done and a few letters.

Meanwhile I went to my Dad's and got the antique fan quilt to put in the show. While I was taking it out of the car I dropped it in the mud. No I did not have it in a plastic bag. Don't ask me why. I washed it immediately but there is still a stain, on the back only, thank goodness. I have been advised to use SHout on it but I don't have any and there is no time to go to town, get some, wash and dry the quilt (it is constantly raining the last few days) before I have to take it to the show. I guess I will just take it as is and deal with the stain when I get it back. Old quilts can have stains, right?


quilt_mommy_2001 said...

I love your quilt! I am a beginning quilter, and have seen a few times the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern...oh I just love it! I would really love to try to make one myself! From the short time I've been quilting, I can just imagine the time and skill it took to choose all those fabrics, piece, and sew...what a wonderful creation you've made! :)

joyce said...

Too bad I didn't put it together! I found the top in a trunk of old stuff at my Dad's and decided it should be quilted. Unfortunately, I am a total novice at hand quilting so it's getting pretty poor treatment. Of course it has been sitting in a trunk for maybe 70 years so it's probably glad to see the light of day under any circmustances.

Isobel said...

I was repairing an old quilt that my mother had made for my daughter. DD damaged it as a teen and it had been in the closet for about 25 years so you can only imagine how 'browned' it was. After repairing it, I soaked it in OxiClean(in the washer) overnight then agitated on gentle and dried it on low heat and it came out beautiful.

quilt_mommy_2001 said...

Well how good of you to quilt it! :) It's beautiful!